Product Launch Events - Dos and Don’ts

Product Launch Events – Dos and Don’ts

posted on March 25, 2019 By Twist Media

Got a new service or product on the way? Congratulations, this is an exciting time for your company!  Give your products the launch they deserve. All your hard work is about to pay off — if you handle the launch correctly, that is. You do have a launch plan, right?

One of the most successful ways to release a new product is through an event. Some of the largest companies in the world have been doing it for years. You can do it too. But don’t worry, product launch events don’t have to be scary. They just take a bit of strategic planning and the right event company in Singapore can help fulfil your dream launch event.

Learn a thing or two from the examples below and see what are the Dos and Don’ts for your next launch ceremony:


1. Personalize the Attendee Experience – HR Redefined by Namely

Personalize the Attendee Experience - HR Redefined by NamelyPhoto source: Namely

When hosting a product launch, event engagement is key. Namely, a leader in HR software, really nailed this tip with their 2018 HR Redefined conference.

Every attendee received a customised nameplate from Brooklyn-based design firm who specialise in typography.

In the grand scheme of event planning, small details like this may seem trivial and unnecessary. After all, event-goers are coming to learn and network, not for the free gifts they’ll receive. But this bit of personalisation really goes a long way.

2. Create a Branded Hashtag – Dreamforce by Salesforce

Create a Branded Hashtag - Dreamforce by SalesforcePhoto source: Salesforce

Dreamforce is a massive annual event, boasting over 2,000 sessions on a range of different topics. How was Salesforce able to grow this conference to such a large scale? One of the keys to their success is their strategic use of social media.

Event organisers do a fantastic job using hashtags to create a large collection of attendee-generated media and comments. Something as simple as the hashtag “#DF18” can go viral if every event-goer is encouraged to use it.

Your product launch event can use social media in strategic ways too. Consider creating a branded hashtag to help drum up excitement — both before and during the event.

3. Create a Specific Atmosphere – Pulse by Gainsight

Create a Specific Atmosphere - Pulse by GainsightPhoto source: Gainsight

Pulse is one of the “biggest Customer Success learning and networking conference in the world.” That’s quite a claim, but Gainsight backs it up, year in and year out. How?

One of the most ingenious elements of the event is the atmosphere that the event organisers of Pulse create for the attendees.

Pulse is a ton of fun. Sure, the best minds in their respective field share invaluable insights and there’s a lot of knowledge to be gleaned. But the conference doesn’t feel like work. It’s a retreat; a break from everyday life. Case in point: the legendary afterparties Gainsight hosts.

How can your company create an intriguing atmosphere for your product launch? Answer that and your event will be well on its way to event success.

4. Put Technology to Work – MAX by Adobe

Put Technology to Work - MAX by AdobePhoto source: Adobe Max 

MAX, a creativity conference for users of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, is quite the spectacle. Not only do attendees get front row seats to the latest Adobe product and update announcements, they’re also treated to an impressive array of visuals and technology.

Speaking of tech, let’s talk about one of the biggest MAX benefits: archived content. Recordings of every keynote and many of the individual sessions are posted online right after the conference has concluded. This allows attendees to “relive” their experience.


1. Don’t be all-inclusive

Don't be all-inclusivePhoto source: Brookstone Park

Don’t invite any old Tom, Dick or Harry to your launch event.

Your guest list should consist of the people who will help make or break your product in the marketplace. These will include journalists, bloggers and analysts who will help others to decide on the merits of your product. You should also invite prospective clients in order to persuade them that your product is something that they want to purchase.

2. Don’t forget the details

Don’t neglect to make the details of the event memorable. Cocktail launch parties and press conferences are plentiful. If you want to make your event stand out then it will have to be a little bit different. This could involve a special theme that relates to your product, some exceptional entertainment or a celebrity guest speaker. Even something as simple as the right choice of emcee can make or break the mood and atmosphere at your event.

3. Don’t forget your Brand

Don’t forget your BrandPhoto source: 5wpr

The launch is all about celebrating your brand and new product. Don’t forget to embody your brand everywhere. From the decor to specialty food, put thought into every part of the event. Place your logo on balloons and tablecloths, name drinks after your new product, and hire entertainment that embodies your brand’s character.

Looking for an event agency in Singapore to help plan a new product or service launch event? Contact us and let us help – from managing your attendance list to brainstorming on creative launch ideas!

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