Incorporating brand activation into your events

posted on April 8, 2019 By Twist Media

Brand activation through events is a major asset that allows brands to generate a physical presence at events attended by consumers of their target audience. These types of events can result in increased brand awareness, the spread of brand messaging, and the establishment of new relationships between products and consumers.

As a business owner, you’re always looking to reach more people with your brand’s message, products and services. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an easy thing to do. With so many event management companies in Singapore, how can your organisation choose the right company to break through and maximise your brand awareness?

Here are some ideas you can use at your next event to better connect with consumers:

1. Promote Unique Customer Experiences – Contours

Promote Unique Customer Experiences – ContoursPhoto source: Inhabitat

Making your event unique is one key to creating a great consumer experience; something your audience hasn’t seen or done before.

Contours’ Baby Stroller Test Ride is a great example. The company built adult-sized strollers for parents to ride in and gain first-hand knowledge of their product quality. How many adults can claim that they’ve recently ridden in a stroller? Not many, which makes this campaign one of a kind.

2. Make Use of Technology – Ready Player One

Make Use of Technology - Ready Player OnePhoto source: VR Focus

Technology opens up so many doors for event companies in Singapore. Take example the marketing team behind Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster movie, Ready Player One. Expertly using virtual reality to engage moviegoers through a virtual treasure hunt game, exposing viewers to the brand within an element they are already enjoying and hopefully transferring some of the positive associations into the new film.

How can your company use technology to connect with consumers? Look for the right event organiser and have them advise you on your technological needs!

3. Make Your Event Interactive – IKEA

Make Your Event Interactive - IKEAPhoto source: Crummbs

Here’s an event activation idea: get your attendees involved and make your gathering interactive. IKEA is known for inexpensive furniture for DIYers and to-die-for Swedish meatballs.
That’s why the Dining Club pop up restaurant worked so well. Diners prepared their own meals, under the supervision of professional chefs, to serve their family and friends.

Think about it. What can you do to involve your clients and customers at your next experiential event?

4. Give Customers Something to Look Forward to – Refinery29

Give Customers Something to Look Forward to - Refinery29Photo source: 29 Rooms

Promoted as, “an incredible playground for adults”, 29Rooms is a now an annual event hosted by lifestyle brand, Refinery29. The 29 different rooms, created in conjunction with various musicians and companies, are designed and curated to produce a different experience relating to a specific theme. Not only is this annual event extremely creative and fun, but it also gives attendees something to look forward to, which keeps Refinery29 at the forefront of their audience’ minds.

Just because your brand has been around for a while doesn’t mean that it’s growing and gaining new fans. Brand activations help to build this kind of additional support and they can take an infinite number of shapes depending on the type of feeling you’re trying to generate within the campaign.

Because a brand activation can appear in the form of anything from lying in a giant stroller to virtual reality video games, as long as your campaign deals directly with the product and helps you to spread the message of your brand in a unique way, the potential for growth is limitless.

Once you find the right brand activation idea, don’t waste any time planning your next event.
Get started today, contact us and let us help in fulfilling your brand activation dream for your next event!

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