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How Twist Media Handles Event Management in Singapore

posted on February 18, 2019 By Twist Media

Big events, like conferences and seminars, take a lot of planning to be a great success. The best events are well-organized, and they run smoothly with minimal hiccups. This level of organization can take up a lot of time. It does not matter the type of events held, be it a launch or a conference; the success of it depends on the way it was planned. A thought-out and well-executed launch event could be the key to the success of your product.

From a business perspective, hiring and spending money on an event management company should be your priority even if it is a small business event. One prominent reason to hire an event company in Singapore like Twist Media? They know how to plan an event without wasting time and money. The money can be proven to be well-spent by creating new business opportunities.


Twist Media – The Top Choice Event Management Company in Singaporeevent management comany in singapore twist media team

Businesses and organizations hold different events during the course of the year for many reasons. These events may be exclusively business meetings, or social events, or a combination of both such as product exhibits and tradeshows, seminar, national campaigns etc.

As a worldwide business center, Singapore is home to many local and multinational companies in different industries. This means that these businesses face tough competitions. An event agency can be a strategic partner for your business, by helping you reach out to your target market and achieve your goal.

You may find many event management companies in Singapore but if you want to ensure the success of the business; come to Twist Media. Twist Media is regarded as one of the most trusted and consistent event management companies in Singapore. We can accommodate all sorts of events ranging from Consumer Exhibitions, Conferences, Corporate Events, Exhibition Booth Design, etc.

Now, before we delve deeper into what Twist Media can do, let’s take a quick look at how to choose the right event management company for your business.

What Is The Difference Between Conventions, Exhibition, Trades Shows And Conferences?

Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between trade shows, convention, exhibition, and conferences. Even the people who work in the events industry are often confused simply because these terms are often interchangeable.

Geographical locations play a part in the usage of the term, for example, in the United Kingdom – Exhibition is widely used instead of Convention. Most of the time, it depends on how organisations choose to represent the events. If we take a closer look at each one of them, they may all seemed the same but are actually different; in the way, the information and objectives are being brought across during the events as such:

  • Convention: Large and recurring event where people of the same mind frame get together to learn and share information.
  • Trade Show: A business to business (B2B) exhibition where companies showcase their products.
  • Exhibition: Similar to trade shows, but are geared towards the consumers rather than companies (B2C).
  • Conference: Large event like a convention or a standalone event targeted to a particular community.

Choosing the Right One

So now, you have shortlisted top four or five-event management companies in Singapore but are having trouble selecting the perfect one for your organization. To choose the right one, you should know the strong and weak aspects of the companies, as well as your expectations from them.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right one, based on your expectations and needs:

  1. Look at experience – You’ll get a great idea about an event management company when you look at their client portfolios or previous works. It’s absolutely critical to pay attention to where the events were organised in Singapore, as the location governs the quality of the venue and other suppliers. Look for the one who has prior experience in dealing with something similar to your event.
  2. Look for the company as early as possible – You don’t want to be in the position of testing an agency when you are pressed for time, it can ruin your event. You should make contact with the agency as soon as possible to evaluate thoroughly. You can also invite them to give you a presentation to better understand their knowledge and expertise.
  3. Look for a partner for future, not a one-off event – You should look for a strategic partner with whom you can collaborate on many more projects and not just a one-off instance. Building long term relationships and understandings are a few things that you should look forward to.

Now, let’s have a look at how Twist Media handles event management in Singapore.

Twist Media

Twist Media is an award-winning event management company in Singapore that creates out of the world experiences and infinite possibilities for a business or organisation. On top of that, we offer services that make a positive impact on your brand.

We offer our services to any type of events like conferences, lunch campaigns, outdoor campaigns, gala dinners, award ceremonies, exhibitions, business events or other events. Delivering our promise on time is a must to all of our clients which makes your event more lively and interesting to the attendees.

We Design

event organiser in SingaporeTwist Media designs your events by creating a branding campaign and a branding story to deliver a perfect marketing campaign. We brand your events with a twist and we begin with the end in mind.

We start by defining the objective and purpose of the event that drives the rest of the implementation. Here are the things we are going to do to design your event:

  • Define Clear Goals and the Budget:

You’ve probably set a goal in your mind for the event, and it’s most likely about raising some sort of key metric. The goal of our team is to significantly raise the trial numbers of your products. We need to highlight the products in a way that drives attendees to sign up for a trial.

The overall budget of your event will be predetermined, but we will help you guide how parts of the budget should be utilised in order to achieve your market goals.

  • Get Excited

Once we have the main idea; let’s get creative! We start asking ourselves a few questions; how many people are going to come? how do you want to stand out from the rest?

Once we know all the factors of an event then we start planning the space. How the space would look like and he design of the venue place. It should look fresh to people and the attendees should be able to relate to that.

  • Use Constraints to the Advantage

The event may have its own brand or style that you must align with, use these constraints to market the product in ways that are unique and creative. We know how to use the space and what needs to be visually loud, and what needs to be saturated.

Promote unique customer experiences that your audience hasn’t seen before.

  • Sketch It Out

Before we begin to sketch the idea and plans on paper, we take into account the amount of square footage (space) we have and what can we fit into that to bring the customer experience one notch higher.

Once we have determined all the needs of the event, we will sketch multiple options to decide which one will suit better for your event.

  • Plan Early

It’s important to plan things early to avoid the last minute rush which is never good for us. We need to plan everything from catering to booths, to sound, way ahead of time. This will give us more time to fine tune all the details of the event thus making it better.

It’s also beneficial in terms of finalising the vendors in the area for the jobs that may require some extra time.

Here are some of the services we offer as a premier branding agency in Singapore.

  • Brand Development – We create a brand that integrates your objectives in a way to make your audience woo over.
  • Design And Conceptualization – Based on your objectives and brand development, we create and conceptualize exceptional designs for your events.
  • Marketing Publicity – We make sure that your event is visible to the audience by maximizing it with multiple touchpoints.
  • Brochure And Collaterals – The production of the brand brochures are handled by an expert team to get you maximum brand exposure.
  • Web And Social Media Platforms – We will create and manage all social media handles for your event to make it visible on the web as well.
  • Copywriting And Editorial Services – A gripping story encapsulates the essence of a brand and we will write that for your event.

We Create

Create a Branded Hashtag - Dreamforce by SalesforceTwist Media creates and deliver events with a twist, that’s what we do.

We have built a strong reputation for our company and established ourselves as one of the premier event management agencies in Singapore. Our reputation precedes us be it conferences, gala dinners or launch campaigns. We strive to create a unique and extraordinary experience for the attendees.

On top of that, we love creating events that are immersive and engaging through the use of digital technology. Each and every tool used for this is designed to transform the normal experience into an extraordinary experience.

We create an out of the world experience for our users by using interactive technologies in the events. Here is a list of what is going to be featured in the events.

  • Event Applications

We create the best experience for attendees by incorporating the latest event apps on various platforms, allowing them to have fun while getting all the latest information about the event in a jiffy.

These applications will provide them with all the key information about the event and the products on display during the event.

  • Interactive Games

We know what it takes to keep users engaged; with the interactive games created in-house at Twist Media, at the event. We have won the Best use of Mobile apps in an event at the Marketing Events awards.

We create some engaging and interactive games that encapsulate the branding and campaign idea.

  • Rotoscope Displays

Now, you’ll have full freedom to use the Rotoscope displays to showcase your products. Rotoscope displays are interactive advertising display that you can consider incorporating,.

as it will give an advantage over other competitors by allowing attendees to interact with your products or services live.

  • Projection-Mapping

Projection mapping is turning any canvas into an art piece. You can paint your events with captivating colors and lights.

Multimedia projection mapping helps in keeping the environment of the event a bit light yet vibrant.

  • Digital Interactive Wall Display

You can utilise giant screens or projectors to build an interactive and multi-touch wall displays for attendees to interact with. Or you could use this display for other purposes if you want.

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

New technologies can make the experience and environment stand out from the rest. Add a new dimension to reality by bringing AR into play. This will make your event experience different and attendees will have lots of fun interacting with your products this way.

We Manage

Twist Media plans and manages corporate events with flawless perfection. Event management is all about the people, and if we are able to manage people then we can provide you with the best event.

We have a team of experienced corporate event organisers in Singapore that helps in event planning and delivery.

Managing the people associated with your event planning and delivery is paramount. Here are a few things to do get on top of all these:

  • Event Committees

It would be a great idea to establish an event committee to help plan and stage your event. Not only will it play a key role in ensuring that you reach your goal and achieve success, but it also shares the workload, cover all bases and allocate key responsibilities. There are some key areas that can be allocated to the key members, like communications, marketing and promotion, finance, sponsorship, administration, permits and applications, and contractor management.

  • Record keeping

Organising an event not only requires extensive planning but it also requires an organised paper trail. It’s important that paperwork related to all aspects of the event should be well managed for accountability and transparency. It will make it easier to plan everything with a proper paper trail.

  • Key stakeholders

A key stakeholder is someone who has a stake in your event, this could include your committee, trade representatives, beneficiaries and sponsors.

You should keep your key stakeholders informed about the planning and staging of the event and you can do that by organising meetings, through emails, newsletters, and social media. Key stakeholders should always be involved in the process of planning and delivery.

Here is a list of the full suite of services provided by us.

  • Registration – We create the registration platforms for the attendees to register for the event on-site.
  • Entertainment Production – Whenever it’s required by our clients, we have to capability of putting together a high-quality entertainment production according to needs.
  • Multimedia Production – Our customized multimedia services can woo the guests over by the immersive experience they get.
  • Audio, Visual and Light Production – We can manage all three aspects of the event that is used to communicate and set the tone of the event.
  • Event Ushers – Our well-trained ushers will play their part perfectly and professionally and deliver the world-class experience to the attendees.
  • Set Production – Set designing will be done by the professionals who excel in their craft and the material used in this are high quality. Set designers will transform your idea into a masterpiece.

What next?

Managing events is a big task, Twist Media does it with pride and fun. The planning is a critical stage to execute a flawless event. A successful event requires a detailed plan and timeline to finish the work. Expert planning and budget management will ensure the overall success of the event.

Our technological advancement has made us one of the more premier event management companies in giving the attendees a professional and slick journey. We are always looking to create out of the world exposures and experiences for the attendees, with a creative twist, of course.

Twist Media, a leading event agency in Singapore, creates your event with infinite possibilities starting from the ground up. We will give you new and exciting, creative ideas – formats that were tried and tested and solutions that we know work will be tailored to your specific needs. So, why not call us today?


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