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5 Great Ideas for an Experiential Event

posted on February 14, 2019 By Twist Media

Organising a successful event or function that will leave your guests with great experiences is never easy due to the various event agencies in Singapore. Choosing the right event company to help achieve that goal is even harder.

There are the usual conferences, tradeshows, and exhibitions with people mingling around a showroom floor in-between sessions and networking breaks.

On the other, there’s escaping a Game of Thrones themed room, to climbing stairs that play notes as you step on each individual step, to roll cheese down a hill. (We’re not kidding, it really does exist.) Here are some intriguing ideas you can consider to create your next experiential event!

Lean Cuisine: #WeighThis

Photo source: EventMarketer.com

Lean Cuisine, a company that makes frozen dinners, launched a heart-warming experiential event right in the middle of Grand Central Station in New York City. With its impactful tagline – “If you’re going to weigh something, weigh what matters.” – the company set up an installation in where a professional sign-painter would write down the way in which people wanted to “weigh” themselves.

One woman wanted to be weighed by the amount of love she gave to her children. Another wanted her weight to be the work ethic she showed by returning to college. This feel-good campaign quickly went viral, garnering over 204 million impressions over the course of their campaign.

Smirnoff Comic Book Party

Photo source: BizBash


The venue was embellished with full-sized graphic comic illustrations and all brand ambassadors portrayed the variouscharacters from the illustrations. For that night, Smirnoff transported their guests into a world of fantasy and enchantment.

By going for a red colour scheme and having the bartenders dress as fictional characters, Smirnoff maintained this fantasy-esque theme throughout the night and created a memorable and immersive experience for its consumers. With experiential events giving traditional events a run for it’s money, something like this can easily be set up in Singapore. Just ask us how!

HBO Escape Rooms

Photo source: The Verge


Riding on the hype of the Escape Room, HBO: The Escape – was born, combining three separate rooms into one huge mystery. Each room depicted a set of a popular HBO show, namely Veep, Silicon Valley and Game of Thrones

The attendees were thrown into picture perfect mock-ups of the original sets, fans literally got to be a part of the show and were able to bring the fictional narratives to life. What an absolutely ingenious way to resonate with the audience!

JetBlue – The Ultimate Icebreaker

Photo source: EventMarketer.com

Let’s be honest, we all love freebies. There’s nothing more enticing than freebies.

JetBlue knew this all too well and devised a clever way of promoting their new domestic direct flights from the Winter Wonderlands of New York to the Sunny Sanctuary of Palm Springs, California . They placed a number of summer accessories like beach attires, golf clubs and of course, a round-trip airfare for two to Palm Springs, inside a six-foot by six-foot ice block and told New Yorkers that anything was up for grabs. People had to use whatever they had on them to chip away at the ice to claim their prize. Some walked away winners, some walked away losers, but the biggest winners of all were, and you guessed it, JetBlue.

Anheuser Busch: Budweiser Beer Garage

Photo source: Anheuser-busch


Anheuser Busch is no stranger to experiential events. In one of it’s eye-catching, jaw-dropping, beer-guzzling events, where the physical elements met technology, Anheuser Busch birthed a full-on beer garage that involved all things Budweiser. From a comfortable lounge to a bar with Budweiser beer on tap, the garage was full of multiple sections that created an entertaining atmosphere. The most popular part of the beer garage was the 4-D immersive virtual experience that put participants through a tour of the Budweiser brewing plants.

The entire experience aimed to help participants become more aware of the Budweiser brew process, developing a deeper connection with the product than simply a choice of beer at their local bar.

If you’re looking for an experiential event company in Singapore, we are more than happy to assist and make it a blast.


Credit Source: https://blog.bizzabo.com/experiential-marketing-examples#hbo

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