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5 ways to make people “Green” with envy at your Corporate Events

posted on February 19, 2019 By Twist Media

You may think that making your corporate events eco-friendly AND impressing your attendees with a ‘WHOA’ factor is kind of tough. Well, it is.

But getting on Mother Nature’s good side with the right corporate event organiser will certainly ease your worry! From recycling and using refillable water bottles to turning off the lights in your daily lives, all these seem pretty simple. So how can we implement eco-friendly practices into corporate events and help Singapore do its part?

Here are some ways to consider that is sure to gain Mother Nature’s favour:


  1. Go Paperless

Use applications, QR codes, and websites to save paper. By reducing your paper trail, not only are you saving the trees, you’re saving your budget for an elevated event experience and that’s always a win-win!

  1. No more plastic

Don’t hand out plastic water bottles and individually wrapped items to participants, instead place glasses and water pitchers in the meeting rooms.

  1. Select an Eco-Friendly Venue

Try choosing a location that offers carpooling services that transport guests to and from the event space. Choose meeting locations with sustainability initiatives such as energy-efficient lighting, heating, electricity and the use of solar panels.

  1. Event Production

Using renewable energy sources with efficient system design and the latest in technology can help cut power usage and minimize your footprint. Options as simple as switching to LED lighting and lower power efficiency systems will help minimize your footprint. Talk to your event management company and AV team to see how you can create a more sustainable event by using less energy. This is not only a great way to go green but can save you money!

  1. Separate Trash and Recyclables

Place recycling bins next to trash cans for easily depositing the odd plastic bottle that slips into the meeting.


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