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A Comprehensive Guide to Event Marketing in Singapore

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Event marketing has long been an important part of many brands’ marketing strategies, and in turn, event management has become increasingly important for brands as well. But as with any other element of marketing, many aspects of event management in Singapore have evolved to include greater immersive experiences, integration, and insight into event go-ers’ preferences.

To better understand the dynamic world of event marketing, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about event marketing in Singapore in 2019!

What is Event Marketing

So what is event marketing, and why is it so important? Well, event marketing is a promotional strategy that focuses on personal interaction and creating face-to-face contact between a business, and their target market. In today’s saturated and competitive market, event marketing allows businesses and brands to build long-term relationships and rapport with their audience.

But in order to achieve this, businesses must ensure that their events provide enhanced value for their attendees. This can be through creating an innovative and engaging experience, providing samples or giving your audience a rare opportunity to take part in something they wouldn’t otherwise get to.

It is this direct interactive element that sets event marketing apart from other marketing strategies in the market because instead of talking to your potential customers, you get to converse with them so that you can create meaningful interactions that don’t just hold their interest at the moment, but will remain with them long after the event is over.

5 Major Event Marketing Trends in Singapore

As we mentioned earlier, the nature of events has evolved greatly over time and continues to today. In recent years, there have been a few identifiable trends within the world of event management, and it’s vital to pay attention to what audiences are asking for these days in order to develop a truly attractive and engaging event.

Environmental Sustainability

The sustainable event trend is a great example of how a demographic’s shift in beliefs and values influence marketing. The trend has been growing consistently with no signs of slowing down, so businesses and event agencies in Singapore should prioritise this when planning an event.

This means that event plans should take measures to avoid wastage and unnecessary depletion of natural resources. The decisions you make in the initial stages all the way up to completion make a huge difference.
Things to consider could include your event venue, avoiding single-use items, going paperless, using renewable energy sources and so on. It’s also important to keep in mind the partners and sponsors you include in your event. You should work with partners who also value environmental sustainability and apply it to their own business model outside of your event!

Event Technologies

Technology has played a more vital role in the events industry as the years have progressed. Attendees want a seamless and well-planned event experience when they attend any function.

In recent years, we’ve seen technology change the way payment, registration, information dissemination, wayfinding and surveys are carried out at events–but things aren’t slowing down there. Technology is being used to enhance audio, visual and interactive experiences to go beyond just event efficiency, but to create experiential events that engage event-goers on a multisensorial level–another major trend which we will talk about in this guide!

Diversity and Inclusivity

Another socially driven trend that all event management companies should pay great attention to is diversity and inclusivity. Audiences all around the world are more socially aware and conscious of their decisions, and it is vital for businesses to show that they are listening and that the beliefs and values of their audience are important.

Some things to take note of when planning your event are as follows:

● Select an event date that will not clash with religious holidays of different faiths
● Conduct a thorough site visit to assess the accessibility of your event destination, and what can be done to make it more accessible if needed
● Ensure the food catered for your event offers individuals with specific dietary requirements the adequate options to choose from
● Select speakers or presenters that are aligned with the diversity of your audience
● Provide event materials in multiple languages so all event-goers may enjoy the occasion equally
● Nursing rooms and prayer rooms should be made available

Event Branding

Years ago, an event’s branding would typically mirror the branding of the hosting company. But these days, each event that a business organises takes on a brand of their own. This branding still has to align with your company’s brand at the end of the day, which can be a tricky balance to strike. That’s why working with an event branding agency can help you greatly in thoughtfully crafting a brand persona that speaks to your audience.

Other ways to build a strong event personality, is through association with like-minded partners. This ties in with our previous points where event management companies have to be more aware of the social causes their audiences are getting behind.

In addition to this, a major aspect of event branding is listening to your audience. With the rise of social media, businesses have so many direct channels through which they can engage their target market. Find out what’s important to your audience, and craft insightful brand messages and personas that will connect with them on a deeper level.

Experiential Events

As we mentioned earlier, event marketing has become much more competitive these days as companies vie to not just grab the attention of their potential consumers, but create long-lasting relationships as well.

Experiential campaigns offer greater direct interaction between a brand and its audience. This creates a two-way channel which allows event-goers to feel like a brand isn’t just speaking to them but speaking with them.

Innovative and well-planned experiential events will also create word-of-mouth, which carries which creates an overall greater sense of trust and authenticity towards your brand. With that said, executing a truly immersive experiential event experience is no small undertaking, but there are many experiential event companies in Singapore who are well-versed in helping you business conceptualise, develop and execute an experiential event that will be unforgettable!

How to Choose The Best Events Agency For You

No two events are identical–and you definitely wouldn’t want them to be! Choosing the best event management agency for you highly depends on your event’s unique objectives and requirements. We have put together a list of event organisers in Singapore that offer an array of services that’ll come in handy the next time you’re planning your next event!

10 Best Event Marketing Companies in Singapore

1. Twist Media

Twist Media is a leading event company in Singapore, offering branding, planning and on-site event management, providing their clients with seamless and efficient event organising experiences. From innovative experiential events to more formal corporate settings, Twist Media’s comprehensive array of services gives you the opportunity to design and customise a truly unique event plan with ease!
Twist Media is the go-to event management agency for anyone looking for a one-stop shop solution for their event organising needs. They also have valuable experience in organising environmentally conscious events, and are able to offer valuable insight on what audiences and event go-ers search for in events.

2. Mercury Marketing Agency

The Mercury Marketing Agency was founded in 2001 and has since made a name for themselves in event management. They have a wealth of experience dealing with premium brands such as Michael Kors, Burberry and Jaguar.
Mercury brings a dynamic and energetic influence to any corporate event, offering their services across a range of industries, but are known for their work with fashion and lifestyle brands.

3. Procon Marketing Agency

Procon is known for their experience in grander, more large-scale events–especially for luxury events. In addition to this, they also organise immersion programs, talent development programs, and product roadshows as well!
Procon events masterfully blends tasteful elegance with innovation and intrigue to grab customer’s attention while still elevating and upholding the brand image and values of their clients.

4. The Live Group

Focusing primarily on event management in Singapore, The Live Group counts Bloomberg, Citibank and DHL as some of their notable clientele. As their name implies, they specialise in experiential event production and management.
With that said, The Live Group is also experienced in managing product launches, event campaigns and corporate type events such as conferences, gala dinners and exhibitions as well.

5. FreemanXP

One of the international companies that have found their way to Singapore, FreemanXP offers event management that is personalised as well as effective. FreemanXP is well-known for organising conferences, product launches as well as media events.
Though they have had success in organising numerous B-2-C events such as NTUC Plus! Zumba Fitness, FreemanXP is known for their expertise in organising corporate style B-2-B events in Singapore.

6. The Ortus Club

The Ortus Club is an event company in Singapore that is highly regarded and known for organising fantastic corporate events that appeal to major business leaders as well as their potential clients.
They stage events not only in Singapore but also around the globe and are perfect for elevating your next corporate event. The Ortus Club also has experience working with businesses across numerous industries, and are well-equipped to take your corporate events to the next level.

7. The Events Artery

Having been established not too long ago in 2006, The Events Artery has made a notable mark on the events industry. They work closely with clients to conceptualise experiential event marketing strategies that are tailored to their client’s needs.
They have worked with government organisations as well as leading private companies from across a wide range of sectors including brand launches and grand openings.

8. Clarion

When it comes to event management, not only in Singapore but the rest of the world, Clarion is one of the industry leaders having first become established way back in 1947 and with over 2,500 people across the globe from 15 locations. They are the ideal option for organising conferences, exhibitions and tradeshows, enhancing your company’s profile and reputation.

9. Pacific World

Pacific World is a creative event company in Singapore, offering its services in production & design, global destination management and strategic meeting management to clients in over 40 countries.
They are an award-winning event management company picking up some of the most prestigious titles within the industry. Pacific World is well known for their attention to detail and adopting a proactive approach to their work which always guarantees the best results for their clients.

10. Essential Werkz

Essential Wekz are an event management company in Singapore, taking an integrated approach to their event planning. Since their formation in 2000, they have provided exceptional services to some of Singapore’s most notable organisations.
Known for their work in corporate events, Essential Werkz offers event management services such as dinner and dances, product launches, exhibitions, corporate event planning and even exhibitions.
Event Management Singapore

The events industry is a dynamic and fast-paced one that’s always evolving. It’s important to stay on top of the trends, and communicate regularly with your audience to understand their needs. To learn more about what’s happening in Singapore’s event industry, check out our website today.

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