4 Questions to Ask on a Venue Site Tour

posted on May 24, 2019 By Twist Media

Imagine this: It’s your event day, and you need to move a large piece of equipment up to the space. You measured the dimensions and checked online to verify that the cargo lift was large enough to hold it.

But there’s just one problem—the light itself is large enough, but the door to the elevator is not. The solution?  Carry the equipment up flights of stairs manually.

Lesson learned: Ask the right questions.

Venue recces with your appointed event management company in Singapore are important so you can fully understand the flow and scope of the space on an everyday basis. What may appear as small obstructions featured on a floor plan could make or break the intended outcome of your meeting.

Your event organiser can’t read your mind—they won’t know what you need unless you ask about it. So before you head over to tour your event venue, jot down these must ask questions.

  • How Many Points of Entry and Exit Are There into the Building?

    entry and exit points
    Whether the space is big or small, it’s important to know how many ways in and out there are. This is especially true if security is a top concern for your event.

    If there are dozens of entrances into the space, like a convention center, that is going to raise your security costs and considerations.”

    Even small spaces can have lots of entry points, so don’t simply rely on pictures, ask your event organiser!


  • What Is the Maximum Capacity for Each Room?

    meeting room in fancy hotelPhoto source: The Penn Stater Hotel

    This may seem like an obvious question, but besides just knowing if your group will fit, you’ll want to know how much extra room space is there. A room may be just big enough for your group, but that leaves you with no room for extra RSVPs. It may not be a deal breaker, but it’s definitely something you’ll want to keep in mind as you tour the venue.

  • Are There Any Other Events Taking Place at This Venue on the Day of Your Event?

    crowded areaPhoto source: FDM
    A large enough venue can host multiple events and meetings concurrently. There could be your conference hosting various international delegate while on the other end, and also sharing the event space, a tattoo exhibition.

    Understandably, that might not be a crowd you want your delegates sharing common space with.

    But even another group of guests with fewer needles might present a problem you’ll want to be aware of —your competition.

    Competitors often don’t want to share venue space on the same day , such as Bank of America likely doesn’t want to host their training session in the same venue at the same time as Barclays.

    Therefore, it is important to ask the venue owner what other events may be taking place so as to plan your dates or make some other arrangements accordingly.


  • Are There Any Restrictions Regarding Hanging Things on Walls or Use of Certain Decorations?

    body covered with glitterPhoto source: Racked

    Make sure you have a clear understanding of what can be hung where, and if certain decorations are prohibited by your venue.

    For example?  Glitter. Many venues won’t allow glitter as a decoration, just because it’s so difficult to clean up.

    Other decorative matters to keep in mind: are there any special clean-up fees if you hang things on the wall? Some venues may charge a fee to spackle and repaint a wall if anything is hung on them or causes damage.

    Always consult your event management company when you have any doubts or enquiries on what can or cannot be done at the venue. An experienced event organiser in Singapore will be able to advise on the dos and don’ts with their vast amount of experience.

    Speak to us and let us help with your event needs!



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