What Will Events Management Be Like Post-COVID?

posted on June 4, 2021 By Twist Media

The world has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. So has events management in Singapore. While events­­ – major or small – have been significantly impacted, the pandemic has also opened up a dimension of possibilities in how events are held.

As restrictions start to ease, what will events management in Singapore be like in a post-COVID world? Here are our predictions on how things will play out in the future.

  1. We’ll See More Virtual And Hybrid Events

We can expect more virtual and hybrid events post-pandemic, and they will be the new norm in events management in Singapore. Even if all traces of the virus vanished from the earth, hybrid events, which are an amalgamation of physical and online events, will continue to be popular. This is because hybrid events allow a broader reach and promise to include interested parties that are previously disengaged from the occasion due to distance, travelling time and expenses.

The pandemic has also expedited the advent of technology that can overcome barriers in connecting and conferencing a large number of people virtually, something considered unbreachable only a couple of years ago.

  1. We’ll See The Return Of Physical Events

People are social animals. The desire to be there to witness something spectacular, to interact and have proper conversations with others, to toast successes and wager on games still reigns supreme in many hearts. Hence, we expect physical events to return with a vengeance!

On the other hand, even if there are no longer any viral threats, delegates will be more comfortable if the hygienic practices that we have all adopted during the pandemic like no handshaking are observed during the event. Thus, the onus will be on the event organisers to ensure that interactions among attendees are done is a safe and hygienic manner.

  1. We’ll Have Events That Are Bigger Than Ever

The sheer size of the events will likely be bigger than ever. An event that previously catered for 500 people could possibly double or even triple its size. The reason? Virtual or hybrid events have a wider and more global reach than ever before, incorporating attendees who cannot be there physically.

  1. We’ll Expect More Contactless Devices & Activities

The pandemic was the catalyst that accelerated the introduction of contactless devices and activities for many event agencies, and we expect touch screens, event apps, contactless check-in kiosks and other contactless technology to stay. Audience interaction and engagement will also likely be more digitised. In the post-COVID world, delegates may still be uncomfortable accepting their name tag or programme brochure handed to them at the reception. So why not let them print their badge at the self-check-in kiosks and download the programme using a conference app instead?

Regardless of how things will be in the future, products will still have to be launched, awards to be given out, and successes to be celebrated. The key to managing these events is to partner with an event agency that has evolved with the times and kept up with the latest know-how and technology in events management.

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