The Guide to Designing the Best Event Collateral

posted on March 12, 2020 By Twist Media

The Guide to Designing the Best Event Collateral

There are many forms of event collateral, ranging from event banners to flyers, and posters. Banner stands, social media banners, banner ads – all great options for promoting your upcoming event.
All these require a basic understanding of a few things – First, know some foundational design principles and best practices. Then, call for the right event company in Singapore for the job.
And, if you really want your event marketing collateral to be effective, you’ve got to learn from the best through real life examples.

No matter what type you’re currently working on, here are some tips that would help you create something attractive and impactful!

Event Banners

    • Large, easy to read text. The choice of font types should be taken into consideration. The top easiest fonts to read include Helvetica, Georgia, and PT Sans.
    • Single, focused message. Have one main goal in your message, and speak in your audience’s language. Then, conclude with a simple call to action.
    • No more than five lines of text. Keep your main message short and sweet by limiting it to a single sentence or two, and additional lines to just a handful of words.

Event Flyers

    • The main event details. You want your flyer to be as effective as it is creative, so the key details should never be forgotten. Details like – Date, Time, Location, or Registration information – you know.
    • Consider using a QR code. The goal is to get the message across with as little text as possible. Having a QR code means receivers have instant access to your event site, either for information or registration. Make sure it’s large enough for them to scan.
    • Imagery or illustrations. Think of your event flyer to be a sample size experience of the event. Pick what mood you want viewers to take away from it. Work with your event management company on the colours, images, backgrounds, and graphics used to help emotionally move or persuade viewers into action.

Event Poster

    • Ensure that it’s easy to read from far away. 6 – 8 meter of clear visibility is the rule of thumb.
    • Make visuals bigger, brighter, or more contrasting. Experiment with different shades in the same colour family to see what works. You might not even have to change anything else!
    • Increase white space. You may not know this but the empty parts of your design are just as important as the rest of your poster. Use it to direct the viewer’s attention to key information, make text easier to read, or just break up an otherwise complicated set of images.

Designing a powerful event banner, flyer, or poster is an absolute must if you’d like to maximize your marketing strategy, and it doesn’t have to be a difficult chore. Contact Twist Media for your event design needs today!

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