Shaking Up the Event Industry – Key Event Trends in 2020

posted on March 12, 2020 By Twist Media

Surviving the event industry is a piece of cake, says no one ever. As meetings grow and evolve, an event management company in Singapore needs to be experimental, dynamic and in-tune with clients’ changing tastes and preferences. It’s a highly competitive industry where only the best will survive. Let’s take a look at four key event trends for 2020 and what they mean to event planners.


Creating engaging event is a given. Event company in Singapore must leverage on technology to create experiences that attendees would want to capture and share on their mobile phones. Most, if not all, attendees are already familiar with Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, RFID tags etc – the wow factor lies in the execution; how it is relevant to and connects with attendees.


Food, beverages and the cutlery they are served in can no longer be of bare minimum standard. With a whole spectrum of dietary preferences (e.g. keto, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free) and the increasing environmental awareness, an event organiser in Singapore needs to put in extra effort to deliver an Instagram-worthy menu that is palatable at a sensory, experiential, and eco-friendly level.



Don’t let run-of-the-mill door gifts ruin an amazing event experience. Attendees look forward to receiving customised collateral that are not only practical but also show the thoughtfulness and sincerity of the event organiser. To be a good and creative event company in Singapore, you can also offer various F&B, entertainment or engagement options that allow attendees to pick and choose based on their preference.




Ditch traditional confined spaces that don’t add value to the event experience. Think warehouse, hole-in-wall bar, open-air car park – spaces that allow an event agency in Singapore to unleash his/her creativity, incorporate elements of surprise, and elevate the entire event experience.

With these trends in mind, you are ready to plan your next big event in 2020. Contact Twist Media to turn your event ideas into reality today.


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