4 Event Technologies to Enhance Your Conference

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Salt and pepper. Mashed potatoes and gravy. Bert and Ernie. The duos of all time can exist independently of each other, but totally shouldn’t. And for professional conference organisers in Singapore searching for an incredible attendee experience, there’s one pair in particular that goes hand-in-hand: technology and conferences.

According to Event Manager Blog, more than 90% of event agencies believe that events apps are still highly relevant for delivering the best attendee experience.
But have you thought about the event technology waiting for your presenters and participants in your breakout rooms?

Conference breakout sessions provide attendees the opportunity to share ideas and network with those around them. You must have a highly functioning, productivity-boosting place to support those conversations and interactive activities. A well-designed and well-equipped conference room can be the difference between creating a positive initial impact and a lasting negative impression in the participants’ minds.

Here’s some event technologies to look out for when considering your next conference breakout sessions:

  1. Advanced AV Systems

boardroom with seats
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Devices such as video scalers and multi-format switchers offer support for a variety of analog inputs and input sources, including VGA, HDMI, DVI, and HDBaseT. These allow you to plug into a number of AV presentation system sources, enabling you to experience the best quality of audio and video.

Not sure what you’re getting into when you get your AV quote? This is where the professional conference organiser in Singapore steps in to clarify your doubts.


  1. Wireless Presentation Setup
    wireless presentation toolsPhoto Source: Diversified

    When it comes to setting up a presentation on the projector, nobody likes fiddling with a bundle of different adapters while wasting precious time looking for the ‘right’ dongle.

    Technology is meant to make your work life easier, not complicate it.

    A wireless setup won’t only save you the confusion of what fits what but it also simplifies the presentation process, allowing presenters to start surprising and delighting participants that much sooner.

  2. A Smart, Interactive Whiteboard
    smart interactive whiteboardPhoto Source: Computerworlduk

    A whiteboard is one of the most commonly used new technologies in conference rooms. Businesses enjoy the convenience and flexibility it allows to share ideas and content.

    A smart, interactive whiteboard not only captures what you write or draw on the canvas but also shares it in a digital space. Offering a collaborative space to present your ideas and concepts in conferences, this technology promotes decision-making and strategy-building.


  1. Mobile Event Apps
    mobile event appPhoto Source: Eventpb

Event apps are a practical tool for anyone involved, in an era where people resort to technology to find useful content that adds value to every experience.
Modern event apps rely on the concept of software integration. This turns them into one-stop-shops where attendees can discover all the information they need about the event. From the conference’s agenda to online registration and check-in, networking and messaging features, practical information about accommodation and leisure options in the area. Participants can also use the app as a digital library for reference after the event.

Don’t be scared to ask questions around event technology. If the prospect of choosing and using dedicate event technology appears daunting, a professional conference organiser in Singapore can assist so you can empower your audience and generate enthusiasm beyond the conference through customised plans that leverage the power of technology.

Contact us for professional event management in Singapore to create attendee experiences that exceed expectations!

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